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    Scroll events trigger a series of effects to animate the introduction of template sections
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    The header dynamically appears on scroll, containing both the logo and dropdown menus
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Friss Híreink

Incredibly useful and functional features and extensions create a palette of possibilities for your content

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A nyitott szemmel közhasznú egyesület, a Békéscsabai Városi Nagycsaládosok Egyesülete, a Békéscsabai Evezőlapátosok Baráti Társasága és a MOZDULJ MEG szervezésében tart programot 2014. szeptember 20-án 900-1400 óráig.



Colorfully Stylish Presets

The perfect blend of whitespace and splashes of contrasting color create a smorgasbord of possibilities for giving your site the look and feel you are after.



Rich Typography and Iconic Elements

Chimera helps you say more with less, utilizing clean and subtle fonts that are easy to read with contrasting bold rich titles and icon elements to draw attention to the most important messages.

Aktuális projektjeink

Learn about the latest projects and techniques as well as recent news with these informative articles and posts

  • "A Contemporary Style, Utilizing Modern Design Trends, as well as Being Functional"

    I regularly change my site's design to ensure that it remains fresh, new and modern. Chimera offers a theme with all the standard features I've come to expect with a new design approach.

    image Koszecz Andrea
  • "An Impressive Animated Experience for my Visitors, to Ensure the Uniqueness"

    Chimera has a series of introductory animations on elements when you scroll through the page. They add character and life, whilst not detracting from the visitor's experience.

    image Törökné Lukács Beatrix
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